My récipissé is about to expire in 2 weeks but I still haven't received my carte de séjour. Is there any way to check the status online? I applied from Paris (Cité) and I haven't had any response. Or if I call them what number should I contact them on?

  • Considering the urgency of the situation I'd directly visit the Prefecture to get an update. – stbr Feb 19 at 13:01

I am not aware of any way to check the status of your application online. It might be worth trying but I wouldn't expect too much from a call either. In all likelihood, a decision hasn't been made yet. You will hear about it whenever there is a decision but that doesn't solve your immediate problem.

Meanwhile, you are supposed to show up/make an appointment (depending on the préfecture) to renew the récipissé. It's very frustrating and is supposed to be exceptional but in practice it does happen a lot.

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  • Thank you. Do you know if I have to take all my documents again to get it renewed? – user1814061 Feb 20 at 14:04

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