Specifically, I am asking about the category "Your immediate family remained in the U.S." My brother and his wife remained in the US during the time I was absent. Note: I am a dependent on my brother. What evidence should I provide to prove that he was present in the US during the time I was absent? Does the following evidence count: his income taxes and W-2 tax form during the time I was absent?

  • Are you talking about the case where you left the US for a trip of between 6 months and 1 year, so you are presumed to have interrupted continuous residence, unless you can prove otherwise? – user102008 Mar 7 at 7:01
  • More than a year. Yes, the question assumes that I have interrupted continuous residence. So, what type of evidence would count? – Yousif Alazzawi Mar 7 at 14:01
  • Well, if you were absent more than a year, then you have definitely interrupted continuous residence (unless you had N-470). The evidence of ties to the US would only help you qualify for naturalization at 4 years + 1 day after returning rather than 4 years + 6 months. Is that what you are trying to do? – user102008 Mar 7 at 16:47

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