I have a Germany Blue Card and want to change my employer. And there is a rule in blue card:

For the first two years of employment, approval from the Foreigners’ Registration Office must be obtained before any change of job.

My current job contract is since 01.04.2018. Am I allowed to change my employer from 01.04.2020 without approval? Can I just sign a contract that starts on 01.04.2020? I have a blue card visa on my pasaport and also as a card with different dates, does it tied to them?

I cannot ask to the authorities because they are closed.


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Yes, after a 2 year employment (without a time limit), you can change your employer without prior approval.

Note: Your residence permit for the purpose of employment/your EU Blue Card does not have to be amended, if you

  • have already worked for at least two years with a residence permit for the purpose of employment or
  • you have resided continuously in Germany for at least three years with a residence permit (except for study)

in addition, no time limit is fixed by law for your type of employment (such as, for example, in the case of speciality chefs or within the framework of an exchange of personnel of an internationally operating company).

You can then move to another skilled employment without prior approval. The Foreigners Registration Office will provide you with written confirmation of this on request.


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