I am a Swiss citizen living and working in London. Mid March I made a trip to Switzerland and decided to stay here for the time of the Corona pandemic. During that time I will continue working remotely for an office in London. I have an EHIC and am insured under NHS - my travel insurance plan I purchased only covers travels for up to 2 weeks. Is there a need for any additional insurance coverage or am I sufficiently covered? Additionally - do I have to purchase a Swiss insurance at one point if I am going to stay in Switzerland for several months (even if working/being a resident in London)? Thank you!


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A general answer to this question will not be possible, since there are factors that are dependent on the individual countries (Switzerland and United Kingdom).

In general the EHIC is intended for basic coverage during visits to other participanting countries.

So the following questions must be clarified:

  • for how long is the NHS willing to pay bills incurred outside the UK
  • does Switzerland (and their health services) consider you a resident

Independent of the present circumstances, you are residing outside the United Kingdom in Switzerland after a period of 3 months.

For this, you should make sure you have a coverage (as a resident, not as a traveler) that will deal with all heath costs within Switzerland during your residence there.


Participating member states
... as well as the UK while it is in the so called transition period after it withdrew from the EU on 31 January 2020.


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