I recently brought back some DVD's recorded at a conference in Florida, USA. They play on my UK DVD and computer but with with horizontal lines across the picture. Is this a region problem or a NTSC to Pal issue.


If it was region locked, you would not be able to play the DVD at all (or gotten a warning that your DVD drive's region can only be changed 5 times). Therefore it is likely a video issue. If you're still using an old 4:3 TV or monitor it could be widescreen letterboxing but more likely it is the NTSC/PAL issue.

  • That it has the same problem when played on a computer seems strange though. – Ray Butterworth Apr 7 '20 at 14:04
  • @RayButterworth Possibly there's some setting in his DVD player software. – pboss3010 Apr 7 '20 at 14:30
  • DVD drives on computers unfortunately generally have the same region-locking as on non-computer DVD players. There's a way you can change the region in the DVD drive settings, but most drives only allow you to do this a handful of times. You might find more options if you asked this question on superuser.com. – Kyralessa Apr 9 '20 at 7:32

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