I have a question and I hope some of you may have some advice. I arrived in Berlin 3 months ago (in February 2020) as a non-EU citizen, and I am a Blue Card holder. I've done the Anmeldung, didn't get the chance to attend the appointment for getting a long-term residence permit (valid for 4 years) because of COVID-19 crisis, but I talked to various people and all of them confirmed I have the same rights as other Blue Card holders - I even got a confirmation from LEA that my visa, valid for 6 months, is valid until I don't get the appointment I requested.

Now, I work as an IT engineer, and I am unhappy with my job. Because of this, I found a new job, in the same field, and I signed the contract. Important thing about it is that the salary is a bit lower than at my current job, but it is over the 2020 limit for shortage occupations - but only for shortage occupations. It is lower than the limit required to avoid obtaining a Zustimmung from the ZAV, that stills needs to be done. I still meet all the requirements for the Blue Card, because my occupation is on the list of shortage occupations.

Based on this, I did the following: as stated on LEA website, I sent all the documents on their E-Mail address (LEA B1 Berlin branch), and now I have no idea how the process will look like.

Does any of you have any idea what can I expect, and in what time frame? Will there be any problems because the salary in the new job will be a bit lower than at my current job? Will my Blue Card only get amended, or a completely new work permit needs to be issued?

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Probably my answer arrives too late, but might be still relevant for persons in similar situations. In cases like yours, usually:

  1. The Blue Card was not yet issued, so one is not a Blue Card holder (rather he/she is just a visa holder), see https://expatriates.stackexchange.com/a/12606/13223

  2. If the salary is below "the limit required to avoid obtaining" agreement from the Job Agency, one will be checked by the Job Agency, see Blue Card vs Work Permit for IT Specialists

  3. If one is an IT engineer, he/she can apply not only for Blue Card, but also for other types of residence permit. See https://expatriates.stackexchange.com/a/11511/13223 for details.

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