I am a spouse of EU citizen. I have long stay visa up to August 2020. I have got an appointment from préfecture for carte de séjour but I would like to go in another country for study. Is there any chance that I can request to the préfecture to give me carte de séjour as early as possible? As I can’t travel with récipissé.

  • Given the current health crisis and the ensuing backlog, this is highly unlikely. You can try to contact your prefecture (via email or phone), but the prefecture might just tell you that if you choose to leave, you would just need to ask for another EU spousal visa when you wish to return. Prefectures have a reputation of not being the most flexible of offices. – ar5975 May 15 at 6:11
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    Would you be traveling with your spouse? For how long? Would you be missing your appointment? – Relaxed May 15 at 6:16
  • Thank you so much for the reply I am going there for 2 years with my spouse. And also i am not working currently in france. Will they provide me only 2 years of carte de séjour? And if I’ll be not in france then also they will renew my carte? And what are the tentative time frame to get the carte de séjour after submitting the documents? – Lyna stoke May 15 at 6:21
  • No my new appointment to submit the documents is in june end. I wants to go there in September. – Lyna stoke May 15 at 6:22
  • @Lynastoke That's a completely different question. The residence card is intended for people who reside in France. I would say that you are supposed to apply for a residence card (or whatever documentation is available) in the country you are going to. – Relaxed May 15 at 6:22

Realistically, no, there is no practical way to speed up processing, even outside of the Covid-19 situation. Even at the best of times, many préfectures struggle to meet the legal deadlines for residence cards and residence permits. The most you can do is show up at the appointments they give you and hope they will issue the final card, not another récépissé.

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  • I am going for 2 years study program then i will he return to the France. What if i go for study without my first carte de séjour? Would france allow me to enter after 2 years or do i need to start the process for long stay visa from the scratch? I have heard that i write the letter to “Prefe “ who is issuing the carte de séjour may be they can help us. – Lyna stoke May 15 at 12:49
  • Moreover i am spouse of EU citizen so i can have legally residency of france. But i would like to know the exact processing time for carte de séjour. My prefacture is L’Haÿ-les-Roses, Val de marne. Thank you – Lyna stoke May 15 at 12:51
  • @Lynastoke That's a lot of questions you should ask separetely. I don't think writing to the préfet is likely to achieve anything. Where have you read this? – Relaxed May 15 at 12:51
  • @Lynastoke I cannot predict the exact processing time, I already told you the most important thing. But having the card wouldn't legally change your position. You indeed have a right to reside in France with your spouse but the logic of the system is that you should apply for the relevant carte de séjour when you want to reside in France, not two years in advance. For now, you should apply for a residence card in the country where you will study. – Relaxed May 15 at 12:55
  • In two years from now, if you hold a residence card from another EU country, I think you should be able to apply for the French residence card directly from within the country. If you don't and you find yourself outside the EU, yes, you will may have to restart the long-stay visa process from scratch. – Relaxed May 15 at 12:59

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