I am an American and will be traveling to the UK for university (not certain because of the pandemic) in the middle of August, and my passport is set to expire in the middle of December. This leaves me with roughly 4.5 months left validity on my passport before it expires.

All passport and visa application centers are currently closed because of the pandemic, so I cannot really even get either one right now.

If they open, should I apply for a new passport or just go ahead and apply for a visa with my soon to expire passport? I was planning on getting a new passport soon after arriving in the UK through the US Embassy. I don't want to get denied my visa application or at UK arrival borders because of my small passport validity, however I feel like getting a new passport AND then getting a visa will be extremely time consuming because of so many back-logged applications.

I just wanted to get my visa, then get a new passport in the UK.

Do you think this would work, or is it too risky? I've found conflicting information about passport validity for Tier 4 Student visas.


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