I am an EU citizen who landed in the UK on January 2020 (currently OUT of the UK due to the pandemic). Edit: my goal is to remain resident in the UK all the way to get the settled status (and possibly beyond that).

Supposedly, an EU citizen is allowed to stay in the UK for up to 90 days; after that, it's necessary to "exercise treaty rights" AKA take on an economic activity or be self-sufficient.

My current situation:

  1. Still keep a non-EU company and receive basic salary + dividends (money is sent EVENTUALLY to the UK to cover some minimal costs)
  2. Got an official mail address but no rental agreement (no fixed residence yet)
  3. Got interviewed by the JobCentre Plus and waiting for National Insurance number
  4. Done some job interviews but no success yet
  5. Have an active UK mobile number and three (yes, three!!!) UK bank accounts with a minimum money flow inside the UK
  6. Not yet registered at a General Practitioner (NHS)

Does it all make me a UK resident, regardless of having an inland job or not? Do I exercise my treaty rights by simply registering as a self-employed person and keeping my offshore company (and paying UK income tax, of course)? Otherwise, I am supposedly not allowed to stay in the UK any longer (or reenter the country, for instance).

Sorry to place that question here but I've been searching info for months and didn't get any clear answer; some similar cases are related to people with a British LLC, not a foreign, non-EU company.

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