I am a non-EU citizen. I have completed my master studies from a recognised German University and later worked in Germany for 3 years. Among the 3 years of work permit visa in Germany, I had Blue card for 18 months. And I possess German B1 level language skills certificate (TELC).

Last year in November I moved to Netherlands to work for a Dutch Company. I therefore terminated my German Blue card and obtained a new blue card in Netherlands.

In summer I lost my job in the Netherlands. Now I have a job offer from a German company which satisfies the Blue card salary requirement. So, I want to move back to Germany and reapply for Blue card in Germany.

My question is : With Dutch residence permit can I move to Germany and apply for blue card at the local foreign office in Germany. Or do I need to first apply for German temporary entry visa from Netherlands. And once I have this temporary visa then only I can move to Germany and apply for Blue card?

This article states- " in Germany, third-country nationals who hold a long-term residence permit in another Member State and who demonstrate adequate means of subsistence and health insurance are entitled to a German long-term residence permit without the need for further verification that the conditions of recognising the long-term resident status were met in the first Member State" - read last line on page 23.

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    Since you seem to have a Blue-Card (not a EU long-term residence permit, §9a AufenthG) , the rules for the EU long-term residence permit will not apply. – Mark Johnson Jul 23 at 0:30
  • But does the line refer to EU long-term residence permit or long-term residence permit in another Member state ? It is misleading – Jio Jul 23 at 16:34
  • The quoted pdf refers to the Directive 2003/109/EG in the context of long term residence permit, so I assume EU long-term residence permit is what is meant. – Mark Johnson Jul 23 at 16:55

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