I'm a software architect currently a citizen of Non-EU/EEC country, or any "western" country for that matter. I have an option to move to Finland through my current employer. All the paper work is through and I've received the confirmation of my residence permit today. Meaning that I can go to Finland once the card is in hand and travel resumes (which is already starting I think). However, I was having second thoughts in the meanwhile and tried applying for a job in Germany on my own (via stackoverflow itself. It's a great resource for job hunt!!). Now, while I'm not through the entire process with any of the prospective employers yet, there have been some promising results. For example, I'm through 2 rounds (1 tech & 1 HR round remaining) for two employers and there's 2 more in various stages. I would prefer to go to Germany if possible, but at the same time don't want to reject the offer in hand only to have the German one not work out

So here's my questions:

  1. If I move to Finland, can I apply for a German work permit from Finland? Like maybe through the Consulate of my country?
  2. If I move to Finland, can I apply for a German work permit from Germany? (not sure through which institution it might be). If so, can I do it with my residence permit - as I'm allowed to freely move around in the EU with it - or do I need any more documentation/permission?
  3. Has anyone had a similar experience? And if so, how might recruiters react to you switching countries potentially halfway through the process?

PS: Any other advice in general is also very welcome :)

PPS: Sorry for the long winded question. Also sorry if this is not the right forum or the right way to ask questions here. Will be happy to change or move it, in that case

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