Currently living in the US, I would like to travel to France for a maximum of 6 months and continue working remotely (French citizen with US L1 VISA).

How should I declare taxes? Should I declare taxes only to US?

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According to (my reading of) the tax treaty between France and the US, you would only be taxed in the US provided:

  • you're staying in France for a maximum of 183 days during the whole year. That's roughly six months so you should be fine but you should make sure you're not staying a little more than six months and also include any holidays or visits to France you might make during the rest of the year.
  • your employer doesn't have a presence in France.

As a general rule in France, you cannot be fined by the tax office if you did not owe any taxes so not being taxable effectively means you don't have to file a return (unless you have some property in France or French-sourced income beside your salary).

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