I’m a non-EU citizen who just moved to Germany with a D-Type Visa and I started working 2 weeks ago. My visa is valid until February 2021. I didn’t get my residence permit yet. I have visited the Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde) but they didn’t accept my application and gave me an appointment in January 2021.

My wife is also a non-EU citizen living in Germany since September 2019. She was working with a regular work permit. She received her Blue Card recently.

My question is, am I allowed to apply for the Blue Card since my wife has it? I want to get it because there is always a possibility of getting fired and my visa is dependent on my current work.


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No, you may not apply for a Blue Card because your spouse has one.
You can only apply for a Blue Card if you yourself fulfill the Blue Card conditions.

A spouse of a residence permit holder can apply for a dependent residence permit based on § 27 AufthG. Such permits are generally issued in 1 year periods (§27(4)).

Exceptions exist for certain residence permit types of the spouse, where the validity of the dependent residence permit matches that of the spouses permit

  • Researchers, Blue/ICT Cards and EU long term residence of other member states


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