I'm a non-EU citizen. 32 years of age. I did my Masters in IT (3 years) from Germany. After my Masters i've been on a BlueCard visa (3.5+ years). I'm currently eligible for a Permanent Residence (Niederlassungserlaubnis). Due to some family reasons, I will have to stay outside of Germany for more than 6 months (probably even longer).

Can someone please guide me (or preferably point me to the law) on how long can I stay outside of Germany without losing my PR status? Do I need to keep an address in Germany during that time period?


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As a general rule a residence permit will become invalid after a 6 month absence (§51(1)(7)) or the impression exists that you have left the country permanently (§51(1)(6)).

Exceptions exist for certain types of residence permits and certain conditions (§51(10)), which is then 12 months

  • persons over 60
  • Blue Card holders
  • Permanent residence permit after a residence of 15 years

When applied for beforehand, a longer period can be granted. Taking care of a sick family member is one reason given as a sample for a valid reason for a longer period.

Giving up your residence (Abmeldung) will be considered leaving the country permanently. Doing so without notification of the Immigration authority beforehand that you intend to return, confirmed in writing, could lead to the residence permit becoming invalid immediately once they become aware that you have left.


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