I am a retired US citizen, living in Germany the last two years on a Aufenthalstitel/Aufenthaltserlaubnis, working as a Freiberuflicher English teacher. For personal reasons, I wish to move to France permanently and continue working as a freelance teacher, so I will be applying for micro-entrepreneur status (basically the same as the German Freiberuflicher status).

The question is, do I need to go through the entire application process to obtain a French visa and get a French residence permit, or will my German Aufenthaltserlaubnis work as a visa? I know I need to specifically get a residence permit before I can apply for micro-entrepreneur status.

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    I don't know exactly what documents you would need to achieve this, but I do know that your German documents won't suffice. You'll need to get something from the French government. It's not clear to me exactly which document you'd need, or even if there is a document that you can qualify for that would allow you to work in France. – phoog Sep 18 at 21:26

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