I am currently living in Munich, and I am looking for a change of employer. Even though I arrived to Germany in 03.12.2018 I have the Blue Card since April 2019; so I assume I need to confirm with the authorities.

I sent an application form, but the thing that is eating me inside is that for the moment I just have an English contract, my new employer just provided me with the former and told me to "wait if it was necessary" to get a bilingual version. Does anyone know if I need a German version for this process? I can push a little bit if I have the basis to state that I need it.

Has anyone gotten through the process recently? I read in a couple of places that the KVR won't give me a hard time, specially during these weird times, but I am just looking for some peace of mind :)

Thanks a lot!

  • IMHO, this is not a big issue at all. If English version won't work, you'll simply be asked for a German one. Do not worry too much about such things. – Andrey Sapegin Sep 23 '20 at 16:47

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