I had an appointment at the préfecture in Angoulême on 21 September 2020 for my visa extension the appointment went well and I was given a récépissé that allows me to stay and work freely in France. But I am a bit confused, is it normal to be given the récépissé that is valid for 9 or 6 months waiting time in order to get the actual carte de séjour? Is there anyone with the same experience?

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    (+1) What does your récépissé actually states? Waiting 9 months is not exactly normal but is not unheard of in places like Seine-Saint-Denis. I wouldn't expect it in Angoulême but I might be wrong. What I have heard of however are récépissés valid for 3 months that you have to renew while they keep you waiting, not a document that would be valid for 6 months. – Relaxed Sep 27 at 23:11

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