Currently, the processing time mentioned for sponsoring a parent to come to Canada is 20-24 months.

As I understand it, it represents the fact that may be around 50-75% applications are processed within 20 months and 90% within 24 months.

(1) What makes an individual's processing time? (2) Is it a first come, first served system? (3) Is it the case that the people who are in the last batch of applicants for a given year are the ones who will probably wait for around 24 months, but the early birds will probably not even wait for 20 months but maybe 1 month or so (as they applied as first people in the line)?

(4) Is the 20 months a minimum waiting time for ALL THE APPLICANTS? (5) When do the first (say) 10 people who apply get their applications processed? (precise answer not required; approximation will be perfectly fine for understanding this)

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