I am in France on a Passport Talent Blue Card. It is time for renewal and my current status is that I am working with a different employer than the original one. I switched after 2 years and 4 months with the original employer.

At the time of renewal the prefecture is asking for CERFA 15615.01 from the new employer. This despite the original CSP 1.2 saying only the original CERFA 15615.01 may be asked for.

This by itself is not a problem but CERFA 15615.01 talks about the employer paying a tax based on (Art. L.311-15 et D.331-18-2 du CESEDA) which comes out to 55% of my monthly brut salary.

Art. L. 311-15 says

Tout employeur qui embauche un travailleur étranger ou qui accueille un salarié détaché temporairement par une entreprise non établie en France dans les conditions prévues au titre VI du livre II de la première partie du code du travail acquitte, lors de la première entrée en France de cet étranger ou lors de sa première admission au séjour en qualité de salarié, une taxe.

My question is does my new employer who has actually been employing me for the last 18 months or so have to pay this tax? What if he refuses? They would be justified in doing My interview is in 2 days so a quick response is highly appreciated. Am I considered travailleur étranger for this purpose?

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