Is it generally admissible to apply to German masters programs that are taught in English with diploma that is apostiled and translated to English?

I haven't yet gotten it translated, but should it be translated by some special "sworn translator" to English? (I am from Russia)


The anwer is probably yes. Probably because it still may depend on the particular diploma and university, especially if they allow application without uni-assist. However, in general case one will need to apply for master program in Germany through uni-assist.

On their web site, uni assist precisely lists the requirements for the translation of diploma:


If unclear, one still has a possibility to ask university / uni assist about further details.


The answer is "yes, but it is a bad idea, because you still need a translation to German" in my case. The embassy requires translation of all document to German only. So it's better to translate to German from the beginning. At least two copies: one for the university, the other is for embassy. They both don't return it. Sworn translation is not necessary, and it is much longer.

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