My sponsor company for a US work visa has asked me to obtain my medical records in preparation for a future medical examination at the US embassy.

Listed is an incident involving needing PEP after a sexual exposure. That is all that is stated on the summary online. However, I am in the process of obtaining fuller hard copy records and worried that a hard drug being taken that same night (reported to the nurse) may also come up in the paperwork. This is a one off incident.

Does the immigration doctor merely require immunisation records rather than a full history?

And what impact might this blip have?!

Thank you.

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I don't know the answer about what the doctor requires, but in terms of impact, you should tread carefully and probably seek advice from a US immigration lawyer. Admitting to past use of illegal drugs can be grounds for denial of any US entry or visa (8 USC 1182(a)(2)(A)(i)(II)), and there is no limitation on how long they can remember and consider evidence of such past events. Although doctor-patient confidentiality in the US is generally strong, such confidentiality would not apply to an immigration doctor who is certified by the US government to examine prospective immigrants.

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