My eldest uncle died earlier this summer, but he often cared for my younger uncle, who is unable to take care of himself. Our family got together to help come up with a plan.

Because of the COVID situation, it is not safe for anyone to travel, so they've arranged to have some of my relatives' friends look after him for a while. But at some point, we might have to consider bringing him here to the US.

What options does the United States Citizens and Immigration Services centre provide to help immigrants with developmental or intellectual disabilities who cannot take English language tests or the civic test in general for naturalisation?

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    I am deeply you won't like the answers... it's not the lack of English knowledge -- I do not think it matters he is your uncle -- it's not a close enough relationship -- he is just another foreign citizen with the usual immigration pathways into the USA which in practice means he can't. – chx Dec 7 '20 at 8:00
  • He would have to be sponsored by a US citizen parent or sibling. However, the current application dates that can get visas are from the late 1990s if I'm reading the visa bulletin correctly. – mkennedy Dec 8 '20 at 19:02

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