Someone who's lived in the EU specifically in Germany for 3 years with Bluecard and contributed to the system with taxes and pension, if they move to a non EU state & decide to come back to EU country in this case, Germany after 3-4 years

  1. Would they've to start from scratch in terms of getting permanent residency in the EU? Germany has 3 years time for getting permanent residency card (this is not equivalent to citizenship)
  2. If not, will the 3 years they spent in the EU would be counted in their favor after they return to EU and will resume where they left off in terms of permanent residency &/or citizenship?
  3. What other things should one look out for if one plans to move back to EU after a few years?

Please share some insights/info and your experience if you've been through this process?

  • see related answer: expatriates.stackexchange.com/a/19206/13223 – Andrey Sapegin Jan 2 at 18:47
  • if you lived 3 years in Germany with Blue Card, why didn't you get a permanent residence permit?! – Andrey Sapegin Jan 2 at 18:48
  • @AndreySapegin I'm in process of PR application. Besides I've heard if you've PR and leave Germany for longer than 6 months, PR card becomes invalid. – user10286755 Jan 2 at 21:21
  • @AndreySapegin do you know of a way to accelerate the process of getting PR card? I've submitted the application but I want the process to execute faster. – user10286755 Jan 2 at 21:24
  • For the PR becoming invalid, please check the related answer I linked in my first comment. For accellerating the process, it is hard, cause other authorities should be queried (like police department and job center). That causes long issuing times. especially in combination with COVID-19. You can call, write emails or ask an appointment with a chef of Ausländerbehörde depending on your situation. – Andrey Sapegin Jan 2 at 22:23

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