I am not sure whether my current duties match Canada's NOC code 2173 or 2174.

2173: Software engineers and designers

Software engineers and designers research, design, evaluate, integrate and maintain software applications, technical environments, operating systems, embedded software, information warehouses and telecommunications software.

2174: Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Computer programmers write, modify, integrate and test computer code for microcomputer and mainframe software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software and communications software.

Can someone help me?

Below are my roles and responsibilities:

  • Design solution architecture diagram and create structured documentation based on inputs from Solution Specialist
  • Provide an estimation of development tasks in line with Sprint/ Agile development to be fitted into a roadmap before development
  • Use the relevant set of programming frameworks for frontend and backend development not limited to Django & Flask, Python/Java, Node Js/Express JS, React & Vue Js, PHP/HTML/CSS, SQL/MongoDB, etc
  • Design and Deploy solution APIs using Google Cloud/ AWS for building data pipelines and server processing, data warehouse and storage optimization
  • Maintain coding standards & build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Configure the alert system for the solutions for quick resolution of bugs triggered by system and user feedback and create cost monitoring dashboards
  • Ensure the system is fail-safe against all unwanted intrusions and leaky firewalls and access is provided only to authorized users
  • Build data science models using Cloud ML/ Python Notebooks for the solutions which require the implementation of AI/ML recipes
  • Use GitLab/ CSR to host the developed codes/ scripts/ notebooks for further use
  • Do extensive research on new technologies, tools and platforms, solution packages, frameworks built by Google/ Amazon/ third-party/open source that can be utilized for the solutions/POCs

Can anyone please guide me on this?

Many thanks in advance for the help.



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