my fathers parents were born in in Netherlands and were married in 1925. My Dad was born in in 1930. Moved to Canada in 1955. Had me in 1966 in Canada. My Mom and her parents/my grandparents were born in Suriname. This was a Dutch owned country of Dutch Guyana at the time. I would like to know if I could be approved for Netherlands passport? Also if approved would I be able to keep my Canadian residency /citizenship? Thank you and Much appreciated.

  • Hi Sally, I've voted to reopen this question, since there are some significant differences between your circumstances and those described in the other question. You should add to the question the date of each of your parents' naturalization in Canada and the date of their marriage. Your mother's date of birth might also be relevant, as may be any periods of residence outside Canada (them or you). Your options depend on whether both of your parents were Dutch when you were born, or only one of them (and if so which one). – phoog Jan 19 at 19:21