I am a US citizen/passport holder currently nearing the end of my tier 4 student visa (sep '19- feb '21) for my MA, this is after I studied in the UK with 6-month visa stamp during my undergrad (jan '19- june '19). I understand that I can leave then return to the UK on a "leave to enter" for up to 6 months without a visa to visit friends, which is my intention after going back to the US for a month. I have the funds to support myself and a place to stay during this visit, I plan to obtain an "approval for leave" letter from my US employer, and I would like to book a return flight to the US prior to my UK (re)arrival, but this flight may be up to 5 months after I re-enter on a visa-less "leave to enter" stamp. I am hoping that despite the lengthy visit, this will be enough evidence to show I have intention to return to the US/ not settle in the UK; however...

I am planning to do a teacher training course beginning in Sep '21 in the UK which will provide sponsorship for a new tier 4 visa provided I get an unconditional offer. I have previously applied and been approved for a tier 4 visa, so I do understand the application process (i.e. I will have a CAS, proof of funds, will apply from outside the UK, etc). I am worried that this NEW tier 4 visa application risks being denied given my time in the UK already. All of my visits to the UK are genuine, however. I came here to study, I have not overstayed any of my previous visas, I intend to return to the UK to only visit with friends and enjoy the lovely summer in Brighton, I will leave the UK and apply for a tier 4 from the US at the end of the summer to genuinely undertake another study/training period.


  • how likely is it that my tier 4 visa application for teacher training commencing Sep '21 will be rejected on grounds of successive visits? or is successive visits only grounds to deny a "leave to enter"/short term visits?
  • many people have said they have been able to return the UK on a "leave to enter" after their tier 4 visas expire. Will reentering be as easy for me considering I have previously studied in the UK?
  • what advise do you have to ensure I can enter the UK on a "leave to enter"?
  • what advise do you have to ensure my next tier 4 application gets approved?

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