Am naturalised British citizen since 2007 having lived there 2000-2018. Since Dec 2018 am on overseas work stint and non resident in UK.When my contract ends in December 2021 I plan to return back.

In August 2019 I got married while abroad and in July 2020 I had a daughter .

In October 2020 I applied for a six months visit visa for my wife( housewife ) as we were planning two weeks break . We get refusal because: 1- UK bank statements did not show origin of the funds ( I also included a copy of land registry of my flat which I own outright + council tax bill ) 2- They also stated that my wife have nothing to return to and unlikely will come back )
To be honest I did not elaborate on my work overseas and also did not say we have a daughter as I did not see it relevant as we were to visit for only two weeks .

Now am planning to re settle in UK from October and I meet current conditions : 1- accomodation as above 2- financial ; my saving is well above the threshold set by HO. 3- my wife has English and health requirement My questions: 1- would this visit visa refusal substantially affect my family application for spouse visa ? 2- should I apply for my daughter for British passport before or after spouse visa ? 3- do you recommend hiring immigration advisor ? Many thanks for all your help .

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