I'm a non-EU citizen with a Blue Card (HR job) and my contract ends in 6 months (they have budget problems). I started looking for different jobs, but I think that the salary of some jobs that I find interesting may be slightly under the Blue Card minimum requirement. If I get one of these jobs, could I apply for the Aufenthaltstitel instead of the Blue Card? Does this reduce the possibility of the permit being approved?


  • I studied a master's in Germany
  • My current contract is for 2 years. For the first 10 months I worked using the job-seeking visa you get after your studies, and I changed to the Blue Card 8 months ago.
  • If I stay in my current job until the end of my contract, I would fulfill the requirements for the permanent residence, except for the "secure subsistence" which I have read means to have a contract valid for the near future or another income source (savings not counting); this is why I want to change jobs asap, to have a longer contract.

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It sounds like in such situation, one probably can already apply for permanent residence permit irrespective of Blue Card, since one is eligible for permanent residence permit after 2 years of working (with Blue Card or without) after getting a degree in Germany, see https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/326558/en/. Even if one did not have a resident permit according to §18 all these 2 years, I can assume that very theoretically the time can be still counted, if the job conditions satisfied §18 conditions, similarly to Blue Card regulation.

Also, with Blue Card itself, if one's job was satisfying the Blue Card conditions, one can get his/her 21 months counted from the beginning of the job contract.

For differences between Blue Card and "regular" residence permit, see my other answer.

Finally, personally I do not think there should be any issues switching from Blue Card. However, you should ask Ausländerbehörde or lawyer to be sure.

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