I have a job offer from Country A and I have applied for a long-term visa before. My application has been rejected and it's in the remonstration process which is taking a long time because of the pandemic.

At the same time, I can apply for a startup long-term visa at Country B.

My priority is Country A right now but I'm not sure how much time it will take and if it will be successful or not.

The question is, while my remonstration is processing at the Country A embassy, can I apply for a D-visa at the embassy of Country B? Does it have negative effects on my first application?

Both countries belong to Schengen area.

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    D-Visas are national visas granting certain rights within one specific country. Thus 2 separate D-Visas may coexist at the same time. For C-Visas, the situation is different, since rights are (in general) granted for all countries within the Schengen Area for which ony one country should be responsible for. – Mark Johnson Mar 12 at 22:32
  • Thanks, @MarkJohnson So I can apply for both D-Visas without worrying about any effect on each other. – Nitin Chandra Dixit Mar 13 at 16:22

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