I've got a couple of questions and wonder if you can help me: My wife is on Spouse Visa, I am a British citizen and we have two British children together. She entered the country Sept/2016. Her BRP card expires Dec/2021.

  • Does she need to apply for her ILR in September as she will have been here for 5 years by then? Or December as the BRP permits her to reside here till then?

  • Will our joint income need to be above £18600 or are the children counted as dependents and the requirement increases accordingly?

  • I am working remotely for a British company at the moment. Can we leave the country for a couple of months (less than 3) to visit family or do we need to be here for the duration?

  • As a side question, is pre-lockdown income counted? And if so, which lockdown? March/2020?

  • In my opinion, she should apply for ILR within the 28 days prior to her September 2021 5-year mark. – ouflak Mar 20 at 14:02

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