I am a UK national that has been living and working in Italy since 2019. I have a carta d'identita that's valid until 2029 and so far I've had a few "short term" contracts (contrato a tempo determinato), and while I could stick with my current job I'd like to quit and start my own business centered around remote workshops. My two questions are:

  1. am I allowed to do so with my current ID card and status or do I need to apply for some other type of residence permit that allows one to be self employed?

  2. I currently have a carta sanitaria that gives me access to health care. What would be the consequences of switching to be self employed?

For what it's worth I've done research online and asked friends, but it's hard to navigate the Italian bureaucracy and to know which definitions apply to me. I have understood that being self employed in Italy is quite expensive and that I can expect ~4000eur in annual expenses just to cover various fees and taxes.

Here is a copy of my id card with all personal details redacted, in case it might clarify which type of residence permit I currently have:

id card - front id card - back

Thank you in advance,

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