I am a US citizen based in the US. I have an opportunity to work with a Swiss startup. I am wondering what my tax obligation is for 1) salary and 2) any equity in the company that fully vests. Do I pay tax in Switzerland or the US (hopefully not both)?

I understand location of where the work is performed can change taxation but I don't know the case for Switzerland. If it helps to know, I will be physically in the US all of 2021 and then between the US and Switzerland in 2022 onward.

The situation gets hazier in relation to equity. Do I need a work permit or anything else before I can legitimately accrue equity in a Swiss company?

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    You generally need a work permit before you can work in a foreign country, regardless of the form of compensation. If you perform the work in the US, you don't need a work permit because you are a US citizen. To do any work in Switzerland you need permission to work in Switzerland.
    – phoog
    Mar 23, 2021 at 5:19


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