Good afternoon, I am a US citizen who moved to Germany 4 months ago..I have a residency permit which expires in about 3 years..My wife was born in Germany..If I invest in crypto, can I just file taxes in the US only? Or do I need to file in Germany & the US? Where would it be cheaper to file taxes if both? Please help!

  • As a US citizen, you are obligated to file a US Income Tax return (if you meet the income requirements) on your worldwide income without regard to where you live. See Chapter 1 of IRS Publication 54. The material in Chapters 4, 5, and 6 may exclude some of your German income from US taxation. But: I don't know if you can work in Germany on your residence permit, or if "investing in crypto" would be considered "work" under German law, or if you must file a German tax return. I would consult a German tax lawyer familiar with US expatriates. Mar 30 at 15:56

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