I need help with NOC code, In my present company I work more as application support engineer and also performing SRE responsibilities, I am confused between 2282/2281/2173/2171:

My roles and responsibilites are:

• Assist in implementation of SRE(Site reliability engneering) solutions for large scale distributed web applications across multiple tiers • Provide architectural and practical guidance to software development to improve resiliency, efficiency, performance, and costs • Perform proactive daily system monitoring including reviewing system and application logs as well as responding to, triaging, troubleshooting and remediating incidents • Build monitoring tools using Scripting languages like Bash/Python and Java, Develop dashboards using APM tool • Experience with UNIX/Linux systems administration, network concepts and Database query languages - SQL/NOSQL • Supported in setting up ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) platform, parsing unstructured logs using regular expressions to structured JSON format • Supported in setting up Apache as load balancer for app servers • Supported in movement of on premise server from DMZ to NDMZ • Act as top-tier on-call support for critical uptime business applications to maintain availability and minimize downtime during outage scenarios. • Work with product operations team to resolve trouble tickets, developing and running scripts, and troubleshooting services in a hosted environment • Handle high-pressure situations with a calm and professional manner • Lead resolution effort of complex service problems from network layer to the application at scale • Prioritize between multiple simultaneous issues and projects • Motivate, encourage, and provide technical leadership to team members

My Skills:

• Good Linux skills and Strong troubleshooting skills • Good scripting experience with Shell, Python • Good in Java • Strong experience in large fleet automation driven by centralized, versioning configuration/change management via Ansible • Strong experience of service restoration activities covering web front end, customer facing, business critical Systems. • Working knowledge of AWS and good understanding of AWS basics such as EC2, ELB, ALB, etc. and managed services such as S3, lambda, RDS • Great in debugging issues and finding RCA. • Familiarity with Jenkins, CI/CD, and pipelines • Monitoring - Wily Introscope/AppDynamics • Setup Apache Tomcat as load balancer, Varnish as caching • Analysis - GC log Analysis/ Thread Dump Analyzer / Heap Analyzer • Good knowledge of Networking, TCP/IP, DNS, TLS, Load balancers. • Good knowledge of SQL query

  • Have you read the descriptions? – jcm Apr 18 at 13:16

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