I am currently working for a German company and have a Blue card. I would like to visit my family outside Europe so I will be travelling to my Home and planning to work from there for a couple of months.

I will still be having my German address and room which I rent. Also, planning to pay the taxes, Health insurance, etc. As per my knowledge with the blue card we are allowed to stay outside Germany for 12 consecutive months without being invalid. Also, my employer is fine with working remotely as long as I am completing the required tasks.

I just wanted to confirm if it's fine to work outside Germany to a German company temporarily and come back after few months (within 12 months before the blue card expires). I am not going to de-register or anything because I will come back in few months and continue my working from Germany again.

  1. Will there be any problem due to this? 2, Will there be any additional taxes I need to pay in India?
  2. Do I need to inform the German authority about this?
  3. Any special things I need to keep in mind if I do this?

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