Asked this in the personal finance section but someone recommended I ask here as well.

I'm a US citizen currently in the UK (Northern Ireland to be exact) on a student visa, which allows me to work up to 20 hours per week while I am here. I currently work 20 hours/week for a UK-based company, making less than 10k a year (so I do not have to declare tax, as I was told my by university's visa helpdesk).

A US company that I have freelanced for once or twice before (prior to my move here), recently asked if I'd like to take on a 12 hr/week freelance project for the next couple months.

Can I do this, legally speaking? All my financials (paychecks, tax documents) for the US freelance position would be done through my US bank account and, come tax time, declared there as well. I know there may be the double taxation issue but that I can apply for exclusion documents or something like that? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • "as I was told my by university's visa helpdesk" you might want to look for some independent confirmation, perhaps from the tax authority's website. Also you're required to report your worldwide income to the US IRS because you're a US citizen. But basically if you're in the UK when you do the work you are supposed to report it to the UK tax authority, and you can take a credit on your US taxes for tax paid to the UK, so you probably won't owe the IRS anything. But you still have to report it. I don't know whether this would violate your student visa, but it probably would.
    – phoog
    May 21 at 23:39

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