What are the names of different websites or web portals that provide information about private accommodation facilities (off-campus housing) for international graduate students, around the campus of the Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA?

I am looking for off-campus private housing facilities usually rented by university students of Iowa State University.

I am looking to book private accommodation before the Fall 2021 semester commences in August 2021.

Regarding room preferences, my preference is a studio or single-bedroom apartment.

Also, is the rent and other living expenses, combined together, in the case of private/off-campus housing in Ames, Iowa, the USA, less than that of the case of student housing provided by Iowa State University? Or, is it cheaper to stay in the student housing facilities provided by Iowa State University, especially applicable for graduate students (Ph.D.)?

  • This website seems like a good place to start. You might also contact the administrators of your graduate program and see if they can give you any advice. In particular, if they can put you in touch with a senior student who knows the lay of the land, that would be ideal. Jun 16 at 13:01

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