I'm an expat having Niederlassungserlaubnis, living and working in Germany for the past almost 4 years. I lost my job a few months ago & recently I've found a job outside EU.

I've found several questions online but couldn't find any satisfactory/concrete answer.

I understand if one stays outside Germany for longer than 6 months will risk losing their Niederlassungs.

I'm currently working as a freelancer, paying my health insurance & paying my taxes & I intend to do so in the future provided my Niederlassungs stays valid.

I know on also request extension of stay abroad from ABH. However requesting an extension or holding a meaningful & respectful dialog with Ausslanderbehoerde officials is not always easy as most of expats would've experienced.

Therefore I'd like to inform myself beforehand.


  1. How can I request ABH to grant me an extension for staying outside EU for upto a year or preferably more?
  2. Why is physical presence in the country given so much importance if a person is registered, paying taxes & health insurance?
  3. Has anyone been through such situation before or has known someone who went through similar situation?
  4. If I cancel my registration/Niederlassungs in Germany, since I paid my taxes & don't intend to refund my taxes/social contribution (which legally is allowed to an expat who leaves the country), Can I in future request resumption of my Niederlassungs or at least don't have to wait another 2-3 years to get Niederlassungs again?
  5. Am I legally obligated to inform ABH about working abroad?

ABH = Ausslanderamt/Ausslanderbehorde

  • You register your residence, the place where you reside. If you no longer live there, you are required to deregister. The exact conditions are defined in the Federal Act on Registration. Based on this, if you no longer reside in Germany, you don't need a residence permit. Exceptions can be made to the 6 months rule at the discretion of the Immigration office. Jun 17 '21 at 5:19

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