I am a New Zealand citizen living on Poland for the next 6 months (I've been here 6 months already). I would like to get vaccinated, but to the best of my knowledge, I cannot because I'm not working in Poland (and am not allowed to on this visa).

I have a PESEL number, but without Polish medicare (which I can't get because I'm not on a working visa) I am unable to get a referral to be vaccinated (though my age group is eligible).

Some government sites indicate that it should be possible to get a referral with only a PESEL, but I have talked to several GPs and they say they are unable to give it to me without medicare.

Is there an alternative path I can go through to get vaccinated (perhaps applying for a visa with working rights), or should I resign myself to being unable to receive a vaccine until I return home?


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Read https://krakowexpats.pl/coronavirus-update/vaccinations-guide-update-30-04-2/ it describes the fast track registration for the health care website if you haven't registered already and from there you can get an appointment. If this fails, go to https://www.gov.pl/web/szczepimysie/rejestracja where it mentions calling 989 and

Do zapisu wystarczy numer PESEL.

A PESEL number is enough to register. So, just call 989 if you have a Polish phone number, even better. If you don't speak Polish, I would have someone who does help with the call, just in case.

Nowhere does it mention residency as a requirement. From what I am reading, a reference is only needed for people without a PESEL.

As a side note, Poland is struggling with vaccinating enough people, chances are they will be glad someone wants the jab.


Germany is offering vaccines for everyone: Vaccine access

Entry restrictions into Germany are listed here: Entry restrictions

Poland is not currently listed as a country of concern by Germany; Risk areas


Would you consider a trip to Germany? It might take a little investigation on where is the best place to go but anecdotal evidence suggests doctors and pharmacies have the vaccines and are looking for patients.

A link to Irish Times article suggesting Berlin giving vaccines to anyone who asks.

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