I am a non-eu citizen and am considering, in the future (a few years), moving to Sweden. I need advice about how to do this as a self employed person. I have been reading this page: https://www.migrationsverket.se/English/Private-individuals/Working-in-Sweden/Self-employment.html

I don't totally understand how to apply it to my hypothetical situation. I would be applying as someone with my own business, self employed by myself. I understand that you'd need to show you have a certain amount of savings to show you can provide for yourself, but I feel like the information is geared towards people who are self employed for a particular larger company or if they want to create a company from scratch in Sweden.

If you already own and run a business, how do you show it is based in Sweden if you have not moved there yet? How would you move it there ahead of yourself? Does this not apply to small one person owned businesses (even if they earn enough).

See quotes: "your company's services or goods must be produced and/or sold in Sweden" "show that you have created customer contacts and/or a network in Sweden" "If you are going to work for longer than three months starting up and running your own business, or if you are becoming a part-owner of a company, you must have a residence permit." - Can this final paragraph also apply to if you already own a functional business and intend to simply move it to Sweden?

If the business is run online, through an international website, is it simply about registering it in Sweden?

I might be misunderstanding this, but hoped someone here could help me understand how it works and how to go about it correctly.

Thank you :)

  • I'm not sure whether it is allowed. Your company doesn't seem to have or need any connection to Sweden. Ask Migrationsverket if you don't get an answer here.
    – Anders
    Jul 31 at 11:24

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