I have a L4 visa for 120 days for my work, but I did not use the visa due to Covid situation. For next year, if I plan to get another L4 visa (120 days), will there be any cooling off period required? For a used work permit, there will be a 12 months cooling off period, but what about for an unused work permit?

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, you had a visa (cat. D) but you never arrived in Switzerland and never applied/obtained the residence permit?
    – xngtng
    Jul 28 at 17:42
  • I didn't even apply visa, Just received work permit. Next step was Visa processing but it didnt happen due to Covid.
    – Nethaji
    Jul 29 at 12:44
  • So you received an Einreiseerlaubnis?
    – xngtng
    Jul 29 at 14:27

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