I have a very hard time finding accurate info about this.

If a Rotterdam company is willing to sponsor me (a non-EU/Turkey country national) for a highly skilled migrant visa and I would bring my wife with me (same nationality), does my wife need to pass the so called 'Basic Civic Integration Examination' which also includes A1 Dutch language exam in order to come with me?

I will post the answer myself if I manage to find an accurate source in the meantime.

PS. I do know this is not the case with EU blue card but this type of visa is rarely issued in the Netherlands.

Edit: I do have some info from some friends there and sites like iamasterdam.com that there is no requirement but no official sources like ind.nl or actual immigration law.

Edit 2: Unofficial sites saying that it's not required for highly skilled migrants or their family:

I couldn't confirm this through official links but the user Relaxed found the laws: Civic integration decision and Civic Integration Act. I couldn't translate the legalese to the extent of fully understanding them though.

In the meantime, I found out that highly skilled migrant visa is classified as a 'temporary visa' for a 'non-temporary purpose'.


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