I hold a German Blue Card and got a job offer from a company in Luxemburg. My question is that if I stay in Germany (Trier) and work in Luxemburg, can I finally get Germany permanent residence after 3 years?

  • Can you even stay in Germany with a job in Luxembourg? How long have you held your German Blue Card? Worked in Germany? And which kind of permanent residence are you interested in? Niederlassungserlaubnis or Daueraufenthalt-EU?
    – Relaxed
    Sep 7, 2021 at 17:14

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With a job in Luxembourg, you won't be paying into the German mandatory retirement system and therefore won't be eligible for permanent residency after 33/48 months (or ever, actually) unless you are already eligible (directly or through a spouse). That's true even if you are able to hold onto your EU Blue Card and keep residing in Trier, which is not obvious to me (but that's another question).

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