Next march I am going to UK as immigrant, of course I will bring my laptop(bought a few months ago) with me, the purchased price was over 390GBP. I will also include it when applying for Tor1. Should I use 'Red Channel' to declare on arrival?


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Based on the government's website the safest thing is to go through the red route, as you'll be travelling with belongings worth more than £390. If you already filled in your Tor1, then make sure you show it if asked.

How to go through customs

What to do when you arrive at customs

In most cases, you’ll be able to go through the green ‘nothing to declare’ channel.

You must go to the red point or into the red channel to declare the following:

  • prohibited or restricted goods
  • goods for sale
  • belongings or vehicles which need to be declared in order to be considered for relief from duty and tax

If you’re not sure what to do, declare your goods through the red point or red channel.

How to declare goods if they’re travelling with you

Tell the officer what goods you’ve brought with you. It may help if you’ve a written list of the goods concerned, but the officer may still want to question you, examine your luggage or ask you to make a written declaration. If you have prior approval, evidence of this should be provided.

Note that there's a separate guidance if you're travelling between the UK and EU, where the limit is £1500 instead of £390. This doesn't apply to you as you're travelling from outside the EU.

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