I did B.Sc. (IT) from India and have 10 years or working experience after that. My employer is filing USA Green card for me. However I have been told that since my graduation was only 3 years I'm not eligible for PERM processing.

After 10th grade,

  • Diploma full time 3 years course
  • B.Sc. IT full time 3 years course (I needed to do only 2nd and 3rd year since I had diploma)
  • MBA IT Correspondence 2 years. Did while working

Can I apply for PERM and GC on the basis of my education? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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You need to have a US-equivalent baccalaureate degree. In the US it's a 4-years degree, and you have a 3-years degree. The USCIS clearly states:

Education and experience may not be substituted for a baccalaureate degree.

The MBA is likely irrelevant unless you're working in mid/high management. If you're an engineer/tech professional, the MBA is not a relevant education.

  • From the question it sounds like the B. Sc. is a 4-year degree that OP completed in 3 years. It's also possible to complete US baccalaureate degrees in 3 years under certain circumstances. It should not matter how much time it actually took to complete, only that the US will accept the degree as equivalent to a US degree.
    – phoog
    Commented Mar 24, 2022 at 12:04
  • 2
    @phoog shouldn't wouldn't couldn't doesn't matter. What matters is what is. The OP has a transcript that shows a 3-year degree, and I imagine the OP was unable to get an equivalency evaluation that says it's equivalent to the US degree, and that's all that matters. Regardless, from my experience, this is a pretty common issue with Indian degrees as they are in fact 3-year degrees.
    – littleadv
    Commented Mar 24, 2022 at 18:02
  • @littleadv - You are right about my B.Sc. It is 3 year course. Do you know if I can apply for some other category or VISA type in order to apply for GC?
    – AK47
    Commented Mar 28, 2022 at 18:30
  • @AK47 My observation is that most work around this by completing a Masters degree (in their field). You did an MBA, which is not helping you probably.
    – littleadv
    Commented Mar 28, 2022 at 19:56
  • @littleadv - Isn't MBA a masters degree. Apart from it, my MBA was kind of Part time. I think they need full time.
    – AK47
    Commented Mar 29, 2022 at 14:57

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