There form called an I-864 "Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA" But, what requires this affidavit?

Is it needed when filing an I-130 or I-485? I see different mentions of this form in different places? Under what condition does one need an "Affidavit of Support"?

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No. I-864 is not required for the I-130 itself.

  • If you are doing Consular Processing (the process of getting a green card from outside the US), the NVC will ask for the I-864 from the petitioner during the Consular Processing process, which happens after the I-130 has been approved and a visa number is close to being available.
  • If you are doing Adjustment of Status (the process of getting a green card from within the US), you must file I-864 with the I-485 form for Adjustment of Status.
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