I have a temporary resident permit for Poland until the end of 2023. I received permission to work remotely. So, I decided to leave and return to my country. For my thesis defense, I have been told that I should return. So, can I live outside of the EU for any time I want and return without a problem before the expiry date? Please note that my residence permit issued by Poland and I exited from Germany.

Also, my wife is my dependent and in the same situation. Can she spend, say, 1 year outside of Poland with a temporary resident permit scheduled to expire at the end of 2023 and return to the EU for a conference in the Netherlands?

I guess that these work like D type schegen national visa normally issued for one year. someone can enter exit whenever he wants, right?

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    Usually (and I don't know any details for Poland), it's possible to leave and enter as long as the permit is valid BUT moving away or staying out of the country for too long may make the permit invalid (or prompt the authorities to move to invalidate it). There is no absolute guarantee the permit will remain valid until the date that's printed on it, there might be other rules in the law. In other words, the question is not really whether you can enter and exit as long the permit is valid but whether it will stay valid without residing in the country that issued it.
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    The main purpose of a residence permit is permission to reside in a country. In Poland (just as in Germany) you must register your place of residence (in the country). If you give up your residence you must de-register. When you do so it will probably be reported to the immigration office and if no new address in Poland is found, they will assume you have permanently left and invalidate the residence permit. Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 6:49
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    What you (and your wife) need is a multi-entry visa for your occasional return visits. This is especialy true since after the introducton of the Entry/Exit System (EES) (expected in May 2023), the 2016-04-06 proposed amendment to the Schengen Borders Code (Article 8 (3)(a)(ii)) will include checks on the validity of residence permits upon entry to the Schengen Area. Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 6:49

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I post the answer given by immigration poland here to just show you I guessed correctly.if you doubt you can ask yourself. If someone keep his work study stable there is no problem. You can live outside for how many years you want and turn back one hour before expiry date. Of coursr if you enter from same country they will investigate and worst scenario ask from work place whether they have still contract or working. If you enter from another schengen absolutely nothing will be happened.

Dzień dobry, nie ma ograniczeń odnośnie wyjazdów z kraju. Natomiast przy powrocie należy wykazać możliwość legalnego pobytu na terenie Polski. Z tego co Pan napisał, w tym przypadku będzie to zezwolenie na pobyt czasowy.

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