I'm an expat living in Munich, Germany. I'm planning to move to a different city within Germany (Karlsruhe) soon and I will need to find a moving service for that. However, my current and also my next apartment are furnished, and aside from 3-4 packages (each weighing ~5-10 kilos) and a home working desk, I don't have anything else that I would need to bring.

I don't have people that could help me with the relocation, nor I have a driving license to rent a van or car. What other options do I have to transport these items within Germany?

  • I think this probably is in scope for Expatriates. Most natives would either have a driving license, or would know somebody they could ask that did. Oct 24, 2022 at 12:57

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You have a number of options:

  • A standard removals firm - you won't need a pantechnicon, but you'll need a van for the desk.
  • A man+van type operation (ask locally).
  • Standard parcel service (the desk will be expensive)
  • Websites that allow you to advertise your work to (often small) delivery firms. I used to use AnyVan in the UK.

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