I recently received the I-797c's for my I-131, I-765, and I-485. None of these had access codes printed on them. When I go to link these into my wife's USCIS it asks for an access code. Where do I find this access code? I know I can request a new one, but what is supposed to happen here normally?


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The access code is supposed to be supplied in another letter. In my case, this letter was never sent out. I was able to request a new access code online through the interface. With the new access code I was able to link in the I-485 to my my.uscis.gov. This linking happens not on the sponsors account (me, a US citizen), but on my wife's USCIS account.

After being linked to my wife's USCIS account, in the back of my.uscis.gov, I could see the (a) Appointment for Biometrics and the (b) Access Code document sent to the wrong address. In my case, they hand-entered them a 5106 street number was entered in as a 2106 street number.

Getting a new Biometrics Appointment took a simple call to (800) 375-5283, but that just puts you back in the queue. I've been waiting a month for the new appointment.

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