Im a software developer from Turkey. I was caught using cannabis and sentenced to 1 year probation (without court) which consists of 3 one-on-one, 10 group sessions and a urine test which I completed all. I have an employment contract with a company in Germany and will apply for a Blue card visa. The probation is not listed in my criminal record, but is asked in the visa application form.

Can I get rejected because of the probation, or is there anything I need to do while applying?

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Yes, your application can get rejected for pretty much anything. Publicly stating Russia’s incursion of February 24, 2022, into Ukraine was good could be a just cause to reject someone’s application.

No, I don’t expect a DUI, cannabis consumption or any other one-time misdemeanors to be a reason to reject your application, especially since you intend to pay taxes.

Meanwhile, the current federal administration has the declared intention to legalize recreational cannabis use, but policymakers haven’t approved a law yet. If there was a law, it would be even less of a concern, I think.

  • I see. Should I state smt that's not in my criminal record in visa application? Wdyt about that? Jan 16, 2023 at 14:49
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    It’s your call. Omitting information is a very easy reason for expulsion, though. On the other hand the omitted information must have potentially made a difference to your visa approval. Omitting “as a 6-year-old boy I shoplifted a candy bar” is really no problem. Omitting “I used to work for the MİT” could be a problem. It’s hard to tell where to put your case. I wouldn’t worry so much if recreational cannabis use became legal in the meantime, because, if you were found guilty of adultery in a sharia-governed nation, the FRG would not care about that (as it’s not illegal in the FRG). Jan 16, 2023 at 17:14

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